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IGNITE | SCALE | SAN DIEGO Innovation Program 2020
Urban Innovation Challenge: March 6 - June 2, 2020

The IGNITE | SCALE | SAN DIEGO Innovation Program's aim is to connect the city, universities, businesses and citizens through collective problem solving and crowdsourcing to create real solutions that will have impact. This week, the program announced the four San Diego-based teams selected to advance in the urban challenge areas.


Our 2020 Challenge is here
We have four innovative teams going head to head. Who do you think will win?

Through a series of 2020 IGNITE | SCALE | SAN DIEGO community events, six teams of technologists, software developers, students, entrepreneurs and others were formed and asked to invent novel approaches to current community challenges as identified in collaboration with the City of San Diego. These include: Arts and Culture Engagement, Mobility and Mode Sharing in Low to Moderate Income (LMI) Communities, and New Interfaces for Communities to interact with the City of San Diego.

Out of the six teams formed, three emerged as winners of the initial competition based on the strength of their proposed solutions. Judges also identified a fourth team from a local university to advance to the next round.


A partnership that generates innovative solutions to today's problems.
IGNITE | SCALE | SAN DIEGO is a partnership between SCALE San Diego, US Ignite and the City of San Diego, primarily supported by Cox Communications. It is a multi-quarter framework around identifying actionable solutions to key urban problems. We achieve this mission through a blend of discovery, talent engagement, mentorship and innovation challenges with the aim of developing pilots and prototypes that can transition to sustainable products and companies.

The first round of IGNITE | SCALE | SAN DIEGO program that ran from November 2018 through June 2019 finished with results that exceeded our expectations. Three very strong teams are now building viable and unique smart city solutions utilizing technologies that are addressing: road conditions, connecting food donors and distributors and streamlining city permitting process.

You can learn more about them below or through this article that appeared in the San Diego Business Journal.


Our goal is to select and pilot transformative projects that will provide innovative solutions to the City, Community and beyond in 2019 and 2020.

We have partnered with US Ignite and the City of San Diego, with sponsorship from Cox Communications, to launch IGNITE | SCALE | SAN DIEGO. IGNITE | SCALE | SAN DIEGO will use a multi-quarter framework to identify actionable requirements to key urban problems, surface them to the San Diego community for solutioning, mentoring and evaluating, and present them to key City and sponsor stakeholders with the aim of developing pilots and prototypes, and transitioning these pilots and prototypes to sustainable production.

We need you — innovators, change-makers and forward thinkers.

Does working with leaders to shape the modern city sound exciting to you? Does analyzing urban challenges and coming up with non-obvious solutions and ideas get you pumped up? Are you interested in technology and data science? You don’t need to feel at home with all three, but if at least two of the above are about you - we can’t wait to hear from you! We’re looking for motivated individuals and teams interested in bringing in their creativity to drive real change and impact in San Diego as part of our Smart Gigabit Communities collaboration with US Ignite and the City of San Diego. We're actively working to formulate timelines and events for our next Innovation Program cohort. Stay tuned by joining us at upcoming events and our mailing list.

Have a chance to have your solution tested by the City of San Diego.

By participating not only will you learn from the City leaders, you will have a chance to work with the most cutting edge technology tools and solution development processes and at the end win cash prizes and, more importantly, have a chance to have your solution tested by the City of San Diego.

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